Unbiased portrait of traditional ibo culture essay

What are the main, supporting points offered in the essay locate and quoteand what major assumptions does Achebe imply or support? Discuss each supporting point: Do you agree with the accuracy of the point? Do you agree with the assumptions upon which the point rests?

Unbiased portrait of traditional ibo culture essay

Free Essays Must Be Free! TM Things Fall Apart Essay While the free essays can give you inspiration for writing, they cannot be used 'as is' because they will not meet your assignment's requirements. Waste no more time! The author analyzes the destruction of African culture in Nigeria after the appearance of the white man.

Achebe tells the story of a Nigerian man, Okonkwo, who confronts English colonial powers and struggles to save his culture and identity from the colonization of the Europeans. Although the novel is unique and richly African, at the same time it reveals Achebe s keen awareness of the human qualities common to men of all time and places back cover.

Things Fall Apart Essay

The author chooses to convey this story in a novel form, as opposed to simply spewing the story in impersonal paragraphs, in order to provide a detailed and thorough understanding of the Ibo culture. This decision allows him to use effective narrative devices, such as symbolism, narrative irony and foreshadowing, which projects an elaborate and meaningful presentation of the story by adding interest and contributing to the many themes of the novel.

Achebe uses symbolism, with the sharing of the kola nut amongst clansman. This symbol represents peace and goodwill between the tribe. The practice diffuses tension felt between clansmen that may otherwise turn violent.

For example, when a neighbour visits Unoka, Okonkwo s father, early in the novel to collect a debt he does not immediately address the debt when he enters Unoka s house. Instead, the two men first share a kola nut 6. The clansman emphasize, through this custom, the common interests and culture that they share while diminishing any discomfort or uneasiness felt between the two men.

Unbiased portrait of traditional ibo culture essay

The ritual also contributes to the theme of Ibo traditions and enriches the readers understanding of the profound culture of the Ibo people. Another example of kola nut sharing, or lack thereof, is when Okonkwo offers the kola nut to the priest after beating his wife during the week of peace.

The priest deems Okonkwo s actions unacceptable and refuses the peace offering that Okonkwo proposes when he says, Take away your kola nut.

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I shall not eat in the house of a man who has no respect for our God and ancestors The refusal of the nut demonstrates the priest s disapproval of Okokwo s actions, but in a peaceful manner. Achebe uses a great deal of narrative irony to enhance the reader s literary experience.

The most blatant example is his decision to relay the story in the English language as opposed to African dialect. Why would Achebe write his story in English when he is trying to recreate a non-English culture?

The author answers this question when he says that English is the national, administrative, legal and literary language of both the West African s living in ex-British colonies and the white man where am I to find the time, he says, to learn the half dozen or so Nigerian languages?

A vital point to keep in mind is that the novel is intended for both English-speaking Africans and Westerners.The understanding of chi and its significance in Igbo culture grows as one progresses through the book.

Another example of Achebe's incorporation of Igbo elements is his frequent reference to traditional Igbo proverbs and tales. These particular elements give Things Fall Apart an authentic African voice.

The Igbo culture is fundamentally an oral one — that is, "Among the Igbo, the art of conversation is regarded . The novel Things Fall Apart, Chinua Achebe creates a powerful story that paints an intricate portrait of the Ibo culture in Africa.

The author analyzes the destruction of African culture in Nigeria after the appearance of the white man.

Unbiased portrait of traditional ibo culture essay

Download-Theses Mercredi 10 juin How Does Achebe Depict Ibo Culture in ‘Things Fall Apart’? Words | 7 Pages. How does Achebe depict Ibo culture in ‘Things Fall Apart’? Chinua Achebe’s, Things Fall Apart, is a story of a traditional village in Nigeria from inside Umuofia around the late s.

Mar 12,  · The main theme of Things Fall Apart focuses on the clash between traditional Igbo society and the culture and religion of the colonists. Achebe wrote the novel in . Unbiased Portrait of Traditional Ibo Culture Essay example To understand or comprehend a novel, we must suspend our beliefs, values and morals with regard to our culture.

By establishing such a mindset when reading a novel can helps us to understand certain practices considered unacceptable in .

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