To chew or not to chew essay

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To chew or not to chew essay

His essay is below: Imagine you are taking a math test, but you just cannot concentrate. This is why we need gum. Everyone wants that refreshing piece of gum within his or her mouth during school. There are many benefits to acquire gum at school. These benefits can help you perform better in school and help you learn more.

Although some say that chewing gum is a horrible idea, when one views the research, they will discover there are great advantages. One reason we must include gum at school is because it helps in keeping students awake.

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When I am at school, I witness many students looking sleepy or wanting to fall asleep. The solution to this predicament is gum. According to a scientific study by Kathleen Melanson from University of Rhode Island, when you chew gum your metabolism increases by 20 percent.

This evidence shows that gum needs to be allowed at school to help students stay awake. Second, permitting gum chewing at school will help improve your test scores.

According to research conducted by the American Society for Nutrition, they found out that students who chewed gum during class during a week period, had a significant increase in test scores and received a better finishing grade compared to those who did not chewed gum. This example supports that schools need to tolerate gum in order for students to improve on tests.

Several people might say that gum is unhealthy and is not good for you. On the contrary, gum is pretty healthy and actually lots of different types of gum are sugar-free and have xylitol.

Some evidence explains that xylitol reduces cavities by 70 percent Trident Company.


That is a great bonus. Clearly, you should be able to chew gum at school, because you can get healthier and stronger teeth. Lastly, gum can assist students concentrate. Research has exposed that the movement you make when you chew gum makes your brain think it is going to get food.

Then, insulin, which enhances learning and memory, is released to the brain and helps it focus.

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Andrew Scholey, Swinburne University, http: Before one sees the research, gum-chewing might sound like a horrific idea.

In fact, chewing gum really is a great thing to allow at schools.Where is Montaigne? He’s the father of the essay. True, his essays are years old and not very coherent, but Montaigne wanted to share his raw thoughts with the world.

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[Chew-Bose's] enthusiasms for art, literature, movies, friendship, and family life are as broad as they are deeply felt. Overall students who chewed gum had a better final grade, than the kids that didn’t chew gum.

To chew or not to chew essay

So, I believe that student’s should have the right to chew gum during class. I was talking recently to a friend who teaches at MIT.

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