Science fair project 4th grade

Eggs are amazing oval-shaped structures that serve a wide variety of purposes.

Science fair project 4th grade

VirginiaLynne is an educator and mom of 5. Her Science Fair articles are based on her experience helping her children do their projects. Science fair projects don't have to be dull. This project tests which brand of gum has the longest lasting flavor.

My kids and their friends really enjoyed doing this project. The adults and teenagers viewing board loved it too because it actually offers practical information you can use.

When you go to buy gum, how can you get one that lasts longer? The results are startling. Source Gum Science Fair Questions You can be creative because there are a lot of different questions you could choose when doing a project on gum.

You could certainly use more brands to make a more complicated project. It probably would have been better to choose gum with the same flavor, but my daughter thought that was boring, so we chose different flavors. You would want to find a gum that had a variety of types. Which brand of gum do people like best?

In this experiment, you would give people several different brands of gum to try with no labels. Try to choose gum that can't be easily identified just by looking at it. You can have them rate them on taste, chewiness, bubbles, long-lasting flavor or any other characteristic.

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Have them put them in order of favorite to least favorite. It might be interesting to also quiz them before or after the experiment to find out which brand they think is their favorite.

Choose a variety of brands and guess which one will have the longest lasting flavor. Gather some family and friends to chew gum with you!

We had everyone stay around a table reading comic books. You could have researchers watch a movie, too. Hand out gum, get the timer ready, and say "Ready, Set, Go! Have each person tell you when the flavor runs out. Write the time in minutes and seconds on your chart.


When everyone's flavor has run out, start again with another type of gum! Source Choose a question. Decide on your own hypothesis—your guess of the answer. Follow the procedures below to do the experiment or develop your own procedures. It might help to have a group discussion and agreement about how you are defining the word "flavorless.

Ask your participants to give their thoughts and opinions along the way. What is important to them about gum? Which gum do they usually like?

4th Grade Science Fair Project. Free. Easy.

Do they chew gum after the flavor is out? How often do they chew? Look at your results and think about your question. Write down your results and conclusions.A collection of Science Experiments from Steve Spangler Science |.

Conducting an Experiment. Conducting science experiments isn't as hard as you think, the problem is often to come up with the idea for the project.. After you've conducted the experiment, you've still got to write a paper about the experiment afterward.

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Science fair projects & ideas are especially designed to be useful for all grade school students in middle school and high school, teachers and the entire family. It helps to develop an interest and understanding in knowing about the scientific laws & principles that constitute our world.

4th Grade Science Fair Project Ideas Using Eggs. I will show you some experiments here with eggs that can be easily turned into your 4th grade science fair are amazing oval-shaped structures that serve a wide variety of purposes.

A project of Tufts University, LEGO Education, and others, LEGO Engineering offers detailed lesson plans for learning about science with Mindstorms. This page includes links to download free lesson plans for studying the science of sound, animals, properties of materials, and simple machines.

Science fair project 4th grade
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