My best friend in urdu

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My best friend in urdu

Burch I have become you, as you have become me; I am your body, you my Essence. Now no one can ever say that you are someone else, or that I am anything less than your Presence!

My best friend in urdu

What Happened to Them? Burch Those who went ashore, what happened to them? Those who sailed away, what happened to them? Those who were coming at dawn, but dawn never arrived Those caravans en route, what happened to them?

Those I awaited each night on dark, moonless paths, Who were meant to light their beacons, what happened to them? Who are all these strange people surrounding me now? All my missing friends and allies, what happened to them?

Those who built these burning buildings, what happened to them? Those who were meant to uplift us, what happened to them?

My best friend in urdu

This poignant, very moving poem was written about the partition of India into two nations: The Eager Traveler loose translation by Michael R. Burch Even in the torture chamber, I was the lucky one; when each lottery was over, unaccountably I had won.

And even the mightiest rivers found accessible refuge in me; though I was called an arid desert, I turned out to be the sea. And how sweetly I remember you—oh, my wild, delectable love! You lost the battle, my coward friend, my craven enemy, when, to victimize my lonely soul, you sent a despoiling army.

Lost in the wastelands of vast love, I was an eager traveler, like a breeze in search of your fragrance, a vagabond explorer.

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Burch In the wastelands of solitude, my love, the echoes of your voice quiver, the mirages of your lips waver. In the deserts of alienation, out of the expanses of distance and isolation's debris the fragrant jasmines and roses of your presence delicately blossom.

Now far-off, across the distant horizon, drop by shimmering drop, fall the glistening dews of your beguiling glances. With such tenderness and affection—oh my love! Ghazal loose translation by Michael R.

Burch Not the blossomings of songs nor the adornments of music: I am the voice of my own heart breaking. You toy with your long, dark curls while I remain captive to my dark, pensive thoughts.Advertisements. English is second biggest language spoken in Pakistan.

After passing the junior grades the question about how to speak English revolves in every student’s mind. They think about how to speak English easily, they also join academies to learn how to speak English fluently.

The best and easy way to speak English is learn about English pronunciation like sounds of the words. Jan 31,  · well between Urdu and Hind if u say in terms of meaning of words they are basically same.

most of words used in Urdu has same meaning that used in Hindi.

Common Urdu Phrases

A person who knows either of two can easily understand the Resolved. Google's free service instantly translates words, phrases, and web pages between English and over other languages. Every one have many friends but every one have one best friend and here we are providing you Essay on "My Best Friend" this Essay for the 9th and 10th class level students so you can download this essay from here this very Comprehensive essay and its .

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