Medical practice business plans

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Medical practice business plans

About Cost vs Reward of Opening a Medical Private Practice Although considered one of the most challenging endeavors in the health care field, starting a medical private practice is also viewed as one of the most rewarding accomplishments for a physician or medical professional.

The ability to make decisions and provide treatment that directly influences the quality and standards of care delivered to a patient is often a coveted career choice for clinicians.

However, private practice comes with a multitude of obstacles to overcome, hardships, start-up costs to pay, and common mistakes to avoid. Starting a medical practice is similar to launching any other small business, and is subject to the same statistics as any other newly-established business venture.

According to the U. Small Business Administration, roughly 50 percent of new businesses fold within five years. Physicians, who plan well, secure proper funding and remain flexible in the ever-changing climate of healthcare, face a better overall chance of achieving private practice success.

An overview of the common concerns and factors associated with becoming a self-employed physician are addressed below: The Average Cost of a Medical Private Practice The path towards establishing a private practice is different for every medical professional as varying factors such as style, location, specialty, and ability to create overhead play an important role in affecting the overall cost to setting up and running a health care-related business.

Start-up basics by Ken Terry; Medical Economics. Every physician with a medical practice faces two primary categories of financial obligations: Average Start-Up Costs include: These aforementioned fees are in addition to the various state- county- and other localized government fees that physicians are required to obtain in order to practice in a state.

Malpractice insurance is one of the first items a physician should obtain, as medical professionals are required to have it before the processing of medical credentialing paperwork can take place.

medical practice business plans

The average cost of malpractice insurance depends on the location state of a practice and type of physician. However, discounts in price are available, as some professional associations provide members with special rates on malpractice insurance. The cost of renting or leasing office space varies, and is determined by location and size by square feet.

Leasing and renting space for a practice is generally a multi-year financial commitment. According to Prodigy MD, the ideal size of a private practice facility is to square feet.

For example, some practices may require additional space to store equipment, such as an X-ray machine. Physicians are also able to cut initial costs by purchasing gently used office and diagnostic equipment, and then upgrade as the practice grows. How four doctors are making it by Ken Terry; Medical Economics.

Sales and marketing costs allow a physician to establish a presence within the community, and in an effort to build a patient roster, he or she may pay for newspaper ads, flyers, postcard mailers, radio spots, TV commercials, and phone book ads.

Since most individuals locate and research health care providers by conducting an Internet search, an online presence is also important, such as purchasing a domain name and setting up a website.

medical practice business plans

Business cards and letterhead are both valuable for the start-up of a practice, as well as for ongoing advertisement.

Tax and legal advisors, such as attorneys and accountants, are also optional yet serve as a long-term investment for the success of a private practice which helps physicians to avoid costly mistakes.

The fees and services they provide vary. Average Continuing Costs include: Office rent and utilities are paid on a monthly basis, which include the gas, electricity, telephone service, and Internet connection needed to run a business.

Office supplies and medical materials, from copy paper to syringes, are purchased on a continuous basis in order to maintain the administrative and clinical duties of a private practice — and is oftentimes a monthly expense. Insurance plays a vital role in providing multiple levels of protection for both a clinician and small business owner, and must be renewed and paid on a scheduled basis.

Business taxes are paid every year, and include the additional payment of self-employment tax — traditionally the responsibility of employers of salaried physicians.

Optional expenses to consider which stay true for both salaried and self-employed physicians include monthly living expenses, travel expenses, professional development such as continuing education and licensure requirementsand membership dues.

Also, the marketing of a medical practice is a continuous effort. For many, websites, blogs and online networking can attract patients. Some physicians choose to hire a professional to maintain a Facebook business page, engage with the public on Twitter, or write blog posts related to their field of expertise.

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