Jdt2 task 3 human resources

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Jdt2 task 3 human resources

Authorizations for Display Attributes Definition Authorization-relevant display attributes are hidden in the query if the user does not have sufficient authorization to view them. Key figures cannot be marked as authorization-relevant.

To use this function nonetheless for key figure attributes, the system checks against meta object 1KYFNM.

Authorizations for Navigation Attributes Use During authorization checks for navigation attributes, it is always the characteristic that is being used as a navigation attribute that is checked.

Integration If referencing characteristics are used as navigation attributes, authorization for the basic characteristic is checked.

Jdt2 task 3 human resources

You should, however, change this logic so that the referencing characteristic is checked for instead. This function exists for reasons of compatibility. The authorization logic of referencing characteristics worked differently with the beginning of Release BW 2. Characteristic R references characteristic B.

For these navigation attributes, authorization for the basic characteristic B is checked. Maintaining Authorizations for Hierarchies Authorizations for hierarchies determine up to which subarea of a hierarchy a user may drilldown.

Make sure that the indicator Relevant for Authorization is set. You must also create an authorization object for which you want to set the authorization. You define a hierarchy for the basic characteristic B.

For characteristic B there is a referencing characteristic R. If you use this hierarchy for characteristic R in the query, authorization for the basic characteristic B is checked. However, you can change this logic so that characteristic R is checked for instead.

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If you add this characteristic to an authorization object, you can specify authorizations for hierarchies for all InfoObjects in the authorization object. In the Definition, select the InfoObject, hierarchy and node.

If there are several users who are authorized to work with just one part of a hierarchy subtree but the top node is different for each, you have the option of specifying a variable instead of a node.

Variable Types Instead of selecting a node, you can also set the Top of hierarchy indicator. This enables you to ensure that a user is authorized to use a hierarchy from the top node down to a determined level.

You can select the top node here. However, if the hierarchy is being used in a query without a filter on this node, the user will not be able to execute the query. This is because the top-most visible node does not represent the actual top of the hierarchy.

As, for example, there are other Remaining Leaves, there should always be exactly one internal node at the top of the hierarchy.

Jdt2 task 3 human resources

Therefore, there is one internal node above the top-most visible node. If the hierarchy is used in a query without the top-most node being determined, it is compared with this unseen, internal node.

So that the user has the correct authorizations, select the internal top of the hierarchy for this option. Select the authorization type: A typical example of an absolute level is data protection with regard to the degree of detail of the data works council ruling: It makes sense to specify a relative distance if an employee may only expand the hierarchy to a certain depth below his or her initial node, but this node moves to another level when the hierarchy is restructured.

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