Into the wild persuasive essay

December 27, To: While your thesis statement should take a strong stand, it need not take a harsh or unforgiving black-and-white one that ignores subtleties.

Into the wild persuasive essay


Chris McCandless ended up starving to death in a bus in the harsh Alaskan wilderness. People who met McCandless while he travelled to get to Alaska have stated that he had nowhere near enough equipment and supplies that he would need to survive in the wild. For being a well educated man, it is puzzling for me as to why McCandless was self-centered and made such brainless mistakes.

Chris McCandless came from a large family with six siblings. He had an unusually close relationship with his sister, a loving relationship with his mother, but an astringed relationship with his father. The book also said that Chris and his father had a rough time when Chris was growing up.

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Even so, Chris came from a fairly wealthy family who bought him expensive cars that he refused. I feel, from reading the book that, McCandless had a lot handed to him but he was ungrateful to his giving family.

Chris went for years without talking to anyone in his family. He returned the numerous letters that they had sent him with no response.

His parents said it killed them not knowing where their son was. Many of the people that interacted with Chris during his journey urged him to contact his family but he ignored their advice.

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Chris wanted to have nothing to do with the family that gave him everything. Chris made several avoidable mistakes along his trip.

These mistakes added up and ultimately, led to his death. The Alaskan wilderness is rough terrain and climate. Chris went to Alaska with none of the materials and supplies that he would need to survive.

Jim Gallien, who decided to give Chris a ride along the way, forced Chris to take his boots. The only food that Chris took to survive off of on his trip was some rice which he ended up leaving in his Datsun before even arriving in Alaska.

Chris took only a sleeping bag to stay warm while living in the bus. Chris had no map of the Alaskan area. He had a book of plants that were safe to eat; however, it was found that Chris died from not only starvation, but also from being poisoned.

It is theorized that Chris had mistaken pot seeds for a similarly looking seed that is toxic. It is also theorized that Chris died from the pot seeds that were moldy. These mistakes could have been avoided if Chris would have taken food along on his journey instead of living off unknown seeds in the wild.

A third example of Chris making careless and un-thought-out mistakes while in the wild is when he was able to shoot and kill a moose. For someone who is starving and living off of Ches 3 seeds and squirrels this feat should be great, right?When looking into writing a persuasive essay about a controversial, yet deeply human story such as that of the death of Christopher McCandless, it’s important .

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In this letter, you should focus on logical proofs: syllogisms or deductive reasoning, cause and effect, analogies or compare and contrast, statistics, definition. You should use a total of five examples, two of which should be direct quotes from Into the Wild, and represent at least two different categories of .

Into the wild persuasive essay
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