How does the crucible relate to modern society

Sins of society sins of society It is difficult to draw parallels between the staunch beliefs of Puritan society in colonial America and the freedom experienced in the country today. The Puritans lived strict lives based on a literal interpretation in the Bible, and constantly emphasized a fear of God and a fear of sin.

How does the crucible relate to modern society

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Teachers may want to introduce the film with the following commentary and question. This should lead students to an open-minded approach to the movie both in terms of the historical events that occurred in Salem in and the machinations of the professional redbaiters in the ls. Many people argue that the threat of international terrorism with its fanatic ideology and its chief weapon, the suicide bomber, is much different than threats faced in the past whether from witches or communists.

They contend that terrorism cannot effectively be countered without widespread surveillance and restrictions on the rights of the accused.

How does the crucible relate to modern society

They contend that protection of society requires invasion of privacy and limits on the civil liberties of all citizens. How much privacy and how many of your rights are you willing to give up in order to feel confident about your physical safety in a society being attacked by international terrorists?

Points to Be Raised in the Discussion: Taking off shoes or being x-rayed at an airport may not seem important.

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Being subject to constant observation and having phone records, library records, and other information taken by the government without warrants may or may not be an issue. Torture, however is another matter, and students will want to weigh in on this volatile topic.

Teachers may want to remind students that those who argue that society needs to allow disclosure of private information or reduce protections for accused persons and scale back civil liberties are trusting the government not to go too far and to avoid targeting innocent people.

Historically, even governments in Western democracies have a tendency to abuse their powers leading to the oppression of innocent people. The number of terrorism prosecutions that have resulted in juries acquitting the accused are a cautionary tale.

Information Helpful in Appreciating the Film: Students will better appreciate the play and the movie if they know some basic facts about: Presentation of the introduction can occur as follows: A Assign groups of students to research these and other related topics and present their findings to the class; B Students can be assigned to read and respond to the Worksheet in class or as homework; or C Teachers can provide the information in the worksheet to the class through direct instruction.

How does "The Crucible," a story about the seventeenth century, relate to the Red Scare of the period -some years later? Here are some similarities. Since society in the s believed in witches and the threat of the devil, both societies felt threatened from powerful outside forces which had gained the allegiance or so it was believed of persons living within the community.

In both, people felt that the foundations of society and their own basic beliefs were being attacked; both required ritualistic reaffirmations of faith in commonly held beliefs before the accused could be exonerated of guilt; both were used by unscrupulous persons to advance their own political or economic interests.

In both situations, many innocent people were wrongly accused.

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In both situations, there was a feeling of hysteria, and the usual safeguards for protecting people were not observed. While the similarities are striking, there were many differences between the situation in Salem and in the HUAC hearings.

Which differences stand out most vividly to you? In Salem, people were executed, while in the Red Scare, the worst punishments were several years in prison with the most frequent punishment being a ruined career.

Another difference is that, in Salem, teenagers were the instigators of the hysteria. In the Red Scare of the late s and early s, adults were the accusers. In the 20th century hysteria, politicians played a leading role as accusers and instigators. Students may suggest additional differences.

What can be learned from the characters of John and Elizabeth Proctor? Where did they go wrong?

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What did they do that was right? There is no one correct answer. John Proctor paid a terrible price for his dalliance with Abigail, which stirred feelings in her that he did not anticipate. By the end of the story, he shows the power of redemption, self-respect, and honor.

He illustrates the price that sometimes must be paid when one stands upon principle against dishonor. Elizabeth is initially cold but by the end of the story shows the power of love, forgiveness, and honesty.Additionally, not only does this happen in "The Crucible," but also in modern society.

In conclusion, fear really does cause the endangerment of basic human rights. In "The Crucible," the fear of witchcraft and witches was the origin that provoked the violation of human rights in Salem.

Aug 22,  · >Major Themes in The Crucible > The modern idea that religious belief is a matter of private conscience would have been considered blasphemous. Nevertheless, even in seventeenth-century New England, a more tolerant and diversified society was emerging.

This movement towards change stirred up great social tensions.

How does the crucible relate to modern society

The Crucible The playwright, Arthur Miller, uses the character construction in the play to position the audience to accept the dominant reading of the play, which is . The Crucible: How does literature shape or reflect society?

There are many themes to which we can relate in The Crucible, and this demonstrates the timeless quality of this piece of literature (one of the reasons it is a classic). Both from a historical perspective and a personal point-of-view, it is easy to see the value in reading, discussing, and relating to this text.

In modern times, most of the characters in the Crucible believe in a supernatural and their whole society is based on this theory. Religion is a very big part of each characters life, as it . Get an answer for 'In The Crucible, are there any historical events or events in our current society that may contribute to "the encountering conflict" theme?Okay, so the EXAM is coming up pretty.

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