Customer knowledge management

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Customer knowledge management

Jump to navigation Jump to search Customer knowledge CK is the combination of experience, value and insight information which is needed, created and absorbed during the transaction and exchange between the customers and enterprise.

The main user processes of knowledge regarding the customer are campaign management and service management, because both processes personalize their services based on user criteria. Knowledge about the customer must be transparent within the company; although its distribution beyond the border of the company must be controlled, as this type of knowledge can often be directly transformed into competitive advantages.

The development of such knowledge is also expensive, because knowledge revelation is quite time-consuming.

Customer knowledge management

Collecting this knowledge is the responsibility of campaign management. It should be refined according to the customer requirements. It is then disseminated to the other customer relationship management CRM processes, mainly: CRM manages knowledge, transparency and dissemination of knowledge for customers.

Maintaining the balance between comprehensibility and precision is the main challenge when managing this kind of knowledge. Capturing knowledge from customers is based on the important fact that customers who obtain their own expertise when utilizing a service or product can be seen as equal partners.

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This concept is not regularly understood in the business world and its effects have been poorly researched in academia Garcia-Murillo and Annabi, Behavioral knowledge is easy to acquire and is basically quantitative by nature; that is, containing a customer transactional relations with the company.

On the other hand, attitudinal knowledge is difficult to acquire because it deals with a customer's state of mind ; but meanwhile it is an important factor for enhancement of customer knowledge because they are directly related to a customer's thoughts and insights.Customer Service Management includes powerful platform capabilities so you can quickly build and deliver apps to accelerate your digital transformation.

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Customer knowledge is becoming the new competitive asset in e-business that enables companies to serve each customer in his or her preferred way.

Customer knowledge management refers to the tools a company uses to capture and analyze data about its customers, for the purposes of enhancing its engagement efforts.

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Knowledge management is available out-of-the-box through the Customer Service Hub app module, and it can work with other customer apps as well. The articles that are created in the Customer Service Hub will be available in the Dynamics web application as read-only records.

Reduce call handling times with Knowledge articles in the Customer Service Hub application. With the new Dynamics knowledge management module, you can create and manage knowledge articles that your users may be looking for. Knowledge Management for Customer Support: The Technology The notes sections of help desk software can act as a sort of Captain’s Patrol Reports for customer support.

They’re places agents can record SBOs, or situation, behavior, outcome reports.

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