Character analysis holly hollbrok

He begins the story as a timid rabbit who is known only to his brother Hazel although other rabbits have heard of his predictions. As the story progresses he grows more confident of his own abilities and begins to speak up regarding his insights even when the other rabbits disagree with him. By the end of the story, his perceptions are so finely honed that he can tell which rabbit will actually be in danger and is capable of taking the lead when he knows an action is safe. The other rabbits go from respecting his opinion to actually relying on it.

Character analysis holly hollbrok

The Bird Cage The narrator is attracted to a large and expensive bird cage he sees in an antique shop in New York. He later points it out to Holly who subsequently buys it for him as a Christmas gift, with the condition that he never keep a live creature in it.

The bird cage symbolizes confinement, captivity, being tied down, and it thus represents everything Holly resists. She is a free spirit and will not even go to Character analysis holly hollbrok zoo because she cannot bear to see anything in a cage.

The Cat Holly lives with a red cat but she refuses to give him a name. She claims that they do not really belong to each other; they just happened to run into each other one day at the river. Since she does not believe she owns the cat she feels she has no right to name it.

The cat therefore represents the kind of independence that she wants for herself; they are two of a kind. But later, the cat will reveal something to Holly about herself that she does not realize. To demonstrate her lack of attachment to the cat, she turns him loose in Spanish Harlem on the way to the airport; she believes he will be able to look after himself.

The cat is unwilling to go, however, and she has to shoo him away. The cat is less independent than she thought—and so is she. She immediately regrets what she has done and has the driver stop the car as she goes looking for the cat.

She is discovering that she is more attached to the cat than she realized, and that realization shocks her—the idea that she could possess something as her own without even knowing it. At the end of the story, the narrator sees the cat happily ensconced in what looks like a loving home, which suggests something that Holly desires but has been unable to find although the narrator hopes that she has.


The presence of the cat in the story therefore suggests that Holly is perhaps less independent than she likes to believe. Crows and Wild Things When Doc Golightly is married to Holly, he empathizes with wild creatures and tries to befriend them.

After she ran away, the crow reverted to being wild and if Doc is to be believedthe crow called out her name from the woods.

Doc also tried to help injured wild birds, including a hawk. Holly compares herself to a wild thing, impossible to tame. The crow and the hawk are therefore symbolic of Holly herself. She will not be domesticated; her true nature will always reassert itself.Character List and Analysis Hilly Holbrook Bookmark this page Manage My Reading List She is the president of the Junior League and married to a future politician.

She is the first maid interviewed by Skeeter and she works for Elizabeth Holbrook. She also is Mae Mobley's nanny. She is the one you are first introduced to in the beginning of the novel and you get her point of view first. In the novel, she tells Skeeter she has decided not to die, which shows that she is a very strong character.

Peter (disciple/also known as Simon Peter) Father: Jonah (John ). Spouse: Unnamed (Matthew ). Brother: Andrew (John ). First mention: Matthew Final mention: 2 Peter Meaning of his name: Simon means "hearing;" Peter means "rock" (Greek) Cephas means "rock" (Aramaic).

Character analysis holly hollbrok

Frequency of his name: Referred to times. Biblical books mentioning him: Nine books (Matthew, .

Character Analysis: Holly Blue Agate

Best Characters in Fiction Since Holly Golightly, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Truman Capote, 12 - Gregor Samsa, The Metamorphosis, Franz Kafka, When you analyze a story character, you examine what the character says, does, and thinks to gain an overall understanding or insight into him/her.

As you read the story, think about how the character grows and changes and how this fits into the overall message of the story. Artemis Fowl II/Holly Short () Artemis Fowl II & Holly Short (11) Trouble Kelp/Holly Short (7) Juliet Butler/Artemis Fowl II (5) Artemis Fowl II/Minerva Paradizo (5) Grub Kelp/Raine Vinyáya (3) Domovoi Butler & Artemis Fowl II (2) Holly Short/Original Male Character(s) (2) Artemis Fowl II/Original Female Character.

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